Gadabout Gaddis Cup Award 2015 Lincoln Airport Campground & MABA

GGCA 2015: Gadabout Gaddis Cup Award is now a bi-annual event. There is no event this year 2014. The next Gadabout Gaddis Cup Award Luncheon ceremony will be on September 27, 2015 at the Gadabout Gaddis Airfield in Bingham, Maine (ME08). Nominations will be accepted at any time and you are encouraged to re-nominate a candidate. The deadline for the 2015 GGCA is August 21.
To maintain the significance and vitally of this award we decided it was best to present the award on an every other year basis. This is an important Maine tribute and we will continue to recognize those who work diligently to keep us flying.

1st Annual MAA
FLY-IN/CAMP-OUT  JUNE 27-29, 2014
The weather could not have been better for the Lincoln Airport (LRG) event as over 20 airplanes from Maine and New England touched down on land and water for this weekend of camping, flying, fishing, kayaking and (screen house) flying. Thirty or so pilots and guests joined the cook-out on Saturday night and there were 12 campers that night arriving in Cubs, Maules, a Cessna 185 and a beautifully restored Birddog from New Hampshire. I would like to thank everyone who made this weekend happen and those who participated in this amazing weekend. If you were lucky enough to be there–you were lucky enough!
LISA (your MAA, prez)

The MABA was created in March of 2013 to promote Maine airports as vital economic engines for the State and their communities;
And to:
–foster the growth of aviation related businesses throughout the state
–showcase Maine’s unique aviation assets
–create and enhance business opportunities on and off airports
–educate the public about the importance the role of aviation in Maine .
MAA president, Lisa Reece along with other MAA members are involved in this new and vital organization. We are committed to working together to provide important information to our pilot communities and to help protect GA in Maine.
Currently, the MAA and MABA have collaborated in support of HR 3708, (the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act of 2013). The MABA and the MAA along with the AOPA and EAA chapters have drafted a letter to Senator Angus King asking for his support of this important legislation. Senator King has recently come out against this bill.