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The 2020 International Seaplane Fly-In in Greenville
is cancelled for the first time in it’s 47th year history!

Due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus and for the safety of the aviation and local community the International Seaplane Fly-In Board of Directors have decided to cancel the event for 2020.
It is the first time in its 47th year history this Greenville event, initially scheduled for September 10-13 has been cancelled. It was an especially hard decision for the board and for board president Telford Allen III since his father was one of the founding members of this internationally renowned seaplane flying event on Moosehead Lake.
For more information go to, call 207-695-6121, e-mail, or visit the Chamber website at

I thought would share this from the Morse High School (Bath, Maine) graduation at the Wiscasset Airport on June 13. We had our banner tow friend John Apt from Biddeford fly over before the ceremony. As he entered the pattern on runway 25 the surprised graduates with their family and friends looked up as the message was meet with applause and cheers. He did several passes over the field as the cars continued to drive in and lined up on the tarmac. He even did a few passes over the town of Bath before heading back to the Brunswick Airport for the drop-off.
On Saturday June 13th under partly cloudy skies, a light wind, and perfect temperatures for sitting in a car on an airport tarmac 160 students exited their vehicles to receive their diplomas as family and friends cheered them on by honking horns and revving engines. And, as the last student stepped from the stage and the Morse band started up the school song: “the Old Blue and White”, here they came-6 airplanes, 4 of which were floatplanes and did a perfectly timed fly-by.
The Lewiston Airport and the Belfast Airport among other airports here in Maine hosted their local high school graduation, as well. Here are the videos from Belfast:
The Lincoln Airport Campground is now open-possible picnic fly-out there soon
The Lincoln Airport Campground and Seaplane Base (LRG) is an aviation campground located on the banks of the Penobscot River. At the end of runway 17 this facility has an office with Wi-Fi and a bath house with hot showers. Donations for access and camping is recommended so we can help the town keep this unique and beautiful place available for us. Access to the building/hangar is the Unicom frequency. Kayaks and a screen house are  available for use during your stay. And, coming soon pilot bikes. Please note the airport will is slated for runway/taxiway construction sometime this summer (August 2020). Please check NOTAMS before you go. CIMG0695

October 2012  
MAA member rides in P-51 with the Texas Flying Legends… a flight over the coast of Maine from Wiscasset to Sanford via Walkers Point.

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